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City of Ottawa
Rent Supplement Program for Landlords

(January 2024)

The Rent Supplement Program provides much needed affordable housing to residents with low to moderate income in the City of Ottawa. To participate in the program, a private landlord enters into an agreement with the City of Ottawa for a specific number of rental units.

Tenants pay their share of the rent directly to the landlord, and the Rent Supplement Program pays the Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) subsidy, which is the difference in rent owed, directly to the landlord.

Households in the Rent Supplement Program sign an agreement with Rent Supplement Office for the RGI subsidy and a separate lease with the landlord for the housing unit.

Apply to be a landlord

  1. Contact the Rent Supplement Program at 613-580-2680
  2. A Rent Supplement Program staff will meet with you to Inspect the unit(s)
  3. To participate in the Rent Supplement Program, you will be required to sign an agreement with the Rent Supplement Program

Advantages for landlords

  • You receive the full market rent by collecting rent from the household and the difference from the Rent Supplement Program
  • There is a secure, predictable and timely payment of rent subsidy each month
  • Up to 2 months’ full rent is paid by the Rent Supplement Program while the rent supplement unit is vacant
  • Can be a onetime or ongoing agreement:
    • A onetime agreement means that once the household moves out, the unit is returned to you for private rental
    • An ongoing agreement means that the Rent Supplement Program will send you two eligible applicants to choose from
  • Financial assistance for undue damages may be available

City of Ottawa’s role:

The Rent Supplement Program is responsible to:
  • Inspect the units
  • Work with the landlord to negotiate the market rent
  • Refers two applicants from The Social Housing Registry of Ottawa’s Centralized Wait List to the landlord, when a unit is vacant
  • Provide monthly subsidy payments to the landlord by the first of each month
  • Manage ongoing eligibility for households receiving rent-geared-to income

Landlord’s role

You are responsible to:
  • Meet with the referred applicants to view the unit and select one of the two applicants
  • Prepare and execute a lease with the applicant
  • Collect the geared-to-income rent portion from the household
  • Maintain units and building, including all common areas, in a good state of repair

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